We create value for customers

through value engineering,

not merely cost-cutting.

Our process


Value engineering is a systematic, organized approach to providing necessary functions in a project at the lowest possible cost. Value engineering promotes the substitution of materials and methods with less-expensive alternatives, without sacrificing functionality or quality. It is focused solely on the functions of various components and materials, rather than their physical attributes.

The value of an item is defined as the most cost-effective way of delivering that item without reducing its utility or detracting from its objective. Therefore, reducing cost at the expense of quality or utility is simply a cost-cutting exercise.

We do value engineering, not merely cost-cutting!

We improve every project!

Through value engineering, not merely cost-cutting.


To maximize the impact of the value we create on any project, we work early on with architects and owners to achieve the most appropriate and cost-efficient solutions during the design phase. The earlier we become involved, the greater the value we create for owners.

Our construction management services are built on a culture of value and stewardship. We look at every project from the owner’s perspective. A culture of caring combined with our extensive experience and knowledge of the most advanced and innovative construction techniques allow us to improve every project we touch.

We improve every project!

Based on a culture of integrity and stewardship, and in addition to bringing value engineering solutions from an early stage, we manage the execution of every project as if we were building for ourselves.


Business Areas


Our team has extensive experience in the development and construction of residential and hospitality projects: villas, condominiums, hotels, sports and leisure facilities, golf courses, and infrastructure.

Our deep experience and knowledge of the most advanced and innovative construction techniques allow us to bring construction solutions, integration with the surrounding area, and use of materials, resulting in the most appropriate and cost-efficient solutions for owners.

Business Areas


Our team has a vast experience in the design, engineering and construction of large and complex industrial projects internationally. Depending on the project’s goals and industry, the latest, best-in-class technologies are selected to achieve the highest possible operating efficiencies and economic profitability.

BGE recently developed the infrastructure for the Battaglia Capital industrial park and built the Congelagos facility, one of the largest and most advanced seafood processing plants of its kind (wwwcongelagos.com), located in Lagos, Portugal.